Hit the ground running

When a product is this good, and the Client is this Millenial... you just run. For meetings, for Site Inspections, to the Market for tenders, and sometimes to be far far away.

Bringing form to the firmament

OW had a beautiful and successful star store in Galeries Victoria – nothing else in the OW galaxy looked that good nor performed as well. Our challenge was therefore to deliver that considered, curated experience for the capital spend of their more aesthetically challenged cousins, at speed. In some of the highest end centre’s in Australia, whilst juggling a garden rake, a kitten and a chain saw.

Look over there – no FOMO

Cue a brain boggling kit of radiused parts / Scaletrix set that enabled the creation of seemingly bespoke sinuously curving fixtures. Finishes that appeared artisan but were able to be both time and cost efficiently prepped off-site. An iconic shopfront that was loved by RDMs and the CFO (no glass!) and then lots of changes, new ideas and initiatives.