Vodafone has been our secret love. I mean, it's not really a secret.

Our relationship has spanned years, stores, states and countries.

July 2014 = First Base

Extend the existing store fleet by 30 stores to capitalize on a new and revitalised network.

Half the price, twice as fast...


December 23 2014, BLR delivered the 30th store in Kalgoorlie 2.9 times as fast as the previous rate of delivery and for 52% of the previous m² cost.

Then our relationship moved to the next level...

We started going steady – creating an hybrid programme that combined store expansion with cost effective refurbishment and vendor rebranding.

BLR created 3 design concepts and an implementation programme that enabled:
1. Max bulk procurement efficiency (kit of parts)
2. Min sales impact (10 day refurb schedule)

Restless ambition, continuous improvement

In 2016/17 we sought deeper efficiency in the base programme to allow:
1. The cost neutral development of a Pre-Flagship
2. The integration of digital communication
3. Investment in customer experience innovation

The Crowning Glory

A $2.4 million flagship store that effectively embodied the brand’s design vision #noinstructionnecessary. An honest, authentic expression of Vodafone's values.

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